What to do on a rainy day in Wales

It is impossible to organise a holiday in the UK around the weather and sometimes the rain comes and ruins our hopes of a pleasant sunny trip with our loved ones. But if you’re staying in Wales, at least there is some hope to salvage your getaway, as there are plenty of things to do even if the rain pours all day long.

There is nothing worse than being stuck inside, even if you’ve booked a lovely holiday cottage in Wales. So, read our tips on what you can get up to if the heavens open.

Visit museums

Luckily for you, Wales is home to 70 museums, so if you’re stuck thinking of something fun to do indoors, exploring one of its exhibition centres or galleries could be the ideal option.

Of course, this is dependent on a lot of things – firstly, you’ve got more choice of what museum or gallery to visit if you’re staying near a big city such as Swansea or Cardiff. Secondly, if you’re travelling with your partner, friends or older children, this can be a great idea, but little ones may tire quickly of looking around the displays – no matter how impressive they are.

A great place to head to is the National Museum Cardiff. You’ll be able to find this is in the heart of the city’s civic centre and it is home to natural history, geology, archaeology and national art collections. It also has a number of touring exhibitions so it is worth checking out which displays will be available to see when you visit. Be warned though, the museum is closed on Mondays so if the heavens open then, you’ll have to find somewhere else to go.

Also in Cardiff, the g39 contemporary art gallery may be a good option, while holidaymakers in Swansea could check out the collection of porcelain and Swansea china in the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery.

Pick up a skill

You may want to cut your losses and organise a craft course in preparation for at least some bad weather during your stay in Wales, in case it does happen. By embarking on these workshops, you’ll be able to have a fun, relaxing time, while still enjoying the scenery and ambience of this friendly and picturesque country.

There are several courses you can choose from – such as improving your painting skills, taking up a new sport or starting pottery classes. If you need to keep your kids busy, putting them on a course for a few days could be the perfect solution. It will ensure they are entertained, so you can take a break from childcare, and they may also make lots of new friends – everyone’s a winner!

Learn about history

Wales has such a rich and varied history, it’d be a shame to come here and not learn a bit about its past. And one of the best ways to do this? Visit some of its many castles.

You don’t need fine weather to explore these buildings (although, clear skies and sunshine are always nice) and you’re bound to be near a castle wherever you have booked your holiday cottage, as there are so many in the country.

Cardiff Castle is one such place and there are more than 2,000 years worth of history in this impressive structure. Even if it is pouring outside you will be able to enjoy the castle without feeling a drop, by watching films, taking a look at exhibitions and walking around wartime shelters, its impressive rooms and the Norman Keep.

Did the heavens open during your trip to Wales? What exciting things did you get up to?

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