The weird and wonderful London Zoo

One of the greatest things about taking a trip to London Zoo has to be the animals. The zoo is home to many creatures great and small, and is one of the oldest scientific zoos in the world.

Famous for its conservation projects, many species that otherwise would have been severely reduced or extinct reside here. It is the one place in the city where you can truly take a walk on the wild side.

We caught up with Teague Stubbington, deputy team leader of mammal sales at London Zoo, who told us all about his love of animals and why the zoo is such a special place to work – and visit.

He has been working as a zookeeper for 17 years at London Zoo – although he worked as a volunteer for three years before that.

He said: “I think there are many things which are absolutely amazing. When it comes to some of the animals I look after such as the tigers, there [are more tigers] then there would have been without the work of zoos so far. Something as simple as that means that I know in my day-to-day job, I’m not just getting a chance to look after animals and getting rewarded for that but we actually are making a real difference to the conservation of the species.”

He added that as well as being a fun experience for visitors, London Zoo is a place where people can come and learn about the conservation work of the zoo and hopefully be inspired to make a change themselves.

Mr Stubbington added: “There are so many things that people can choose to do at home and in their lives that will help animal conservation. The key thing is that they see the animals here and become inspired to learn a little bit more and take some action themselves if they can. When it comes to helping penguins out in the wild [for example] one thing that people can do is, ensure that any fish that they eat and buy has been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Look for the MSC symbol on the packaging to ensure that they are eating fish from sustainable sources.”

Visitors from all over the world come to this part of their London map and many of them are families with young children.

So what can you expect from a visit to London Zoo? Well, according to Mr Stubbington, there is plenty to see.

“Our newest exhibit this year has been Tiger Territory and it is an opportunity for people to get really close up to the tigers and to see them in their nice, new habitat. We try to re-create the habitat of the Indonesian jungle here. People can also come to learn about our conservation work and the two tigers that we’ve got,” he added.

So if you fancy learning more about some of the weird and wonderful creatures that reside within the city, be sure to check out London Zoo.

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