Traveling With Credit Cards in Britain – Watch out for Hidden Fees

We’ve written before about relying on ATM cards to get cash while in Britain – you’ll get the best exchange rate this way. What what about using your credit cards too?

This is a little more complicated.

On the one hand, you’ll get the best exchange rate when you swipe your credit card as you would when you use an ATM.

However, credit cards tack on foreign conversion fees that effectively hide what’s basically a higher exchange rate. They’ve gotten in trouble for this recently and have cut back the fees.

So, before choosing which credit cards to take with you to Britain (and you should take more than one) – check your credit card terms and conditions for information on what fees you’ll pay when you swipe abroad. You may even have to call them.

Also – some cashiers in the UK may look at your card a little strangely when you go to pay. A Chip & Pin system is now standard in the UK – most credit cards don’t get swiped. Instead you set your card in a reader and enter a PIN number. The problem for Americans is that our cards don’t work with this system so you have to tell the cashier to swipe instead.

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