Top 5 Tourist Attractions to Avoid in London

Here’s our list of  overrated London Attractions Worth Skipping due to cost and the crowds:

  1. London Dungeon (tourist trap)
  2. Madame Tussaud’s (tourist trap)
  3. Westminster Abbey (St Paul’s is more impressive)
  4. Buckingham Palace (it’s a house, closed most of the year and the changing of the guard is a tourist mob)
  5. British Library (it’s just a library in a slightly dodgy neighborhood).

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  1. Christina Wheeler says:

    #2, 3 and 4 are definately the “touristy” thing too do, but still lovely and worth the experience. Why else would one go to London than to tour, really? Aren’t you there to be on vacay? #1 and 5 I do agree with, a huge waste of money and time.

  2. Martha Rhoades says:

    I agree with all except for Westminster Abbey. It is FULL of history and we were blessed to be invited to a noon Communion Service in St. Edward’s Chapel. A very moving experience and we got to see an area most tourists never get to see!

  3. I have to disagree with some of the items. I found the nicest time to visit Westminster is at Evensong services. You get to take in a service with a choir and all. I’ve also been just to walk around, it’s beautiful. As far as the Changing of the Guard – you just need to get there early. I found the best spot is on the Victoria Monument in front of the Palace. You can walk all around it and see the whole show. I was there this last July and it wasn’t bad at all for the height of tourist season. I have done a tour of Buckingham also. You can only go into the state rooms and a throne room, but it’s still a great – once in a lifetime experience to see how the Royals live. There’s also a cafe in a backyard and I got great pics and had can say I had Tea at Buckingham (LOL). I can also say I’ve been in the Queen’s backyard. It’s a lovely garden walk to get off the gounds also. Items 1 & 2 however, I would say are the quintessential tourist trap items. And yes the British Library is just that – a Library.

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