Top 5 Free Things to do in Plymouth England

Plymouth is full of rich Maritime history and it best known as the departure point for the Pilgrims who settled Massachusetts. So what better way to enjoy Plymouth than to gather together the Top 5 free things to do if you’re in town?

  • Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery – The museums permanent galleries display extensive collections of fine art, human history and natural history. Together with a programme of temporary and touring exhibitions each year.
  • St Andrews Church – There has been a church on this site for almost 1200 years. During heavy bombing in the Second World War the church was left a burnt out shell but was reconstructed in 1957.
  • HM Naval base Devonport – Tour the base and see where today’s modern warships are repaired and serviced. Step aboard a warship or nuclear submarine and experience how sailors live and work aboard. Visit the historic sites of the dockyard dating back to Napoleonic times. Tours are free but you’re advised to book ahead.
  • The Barbican & Sutton Harbour (Mayflower port) – Plymouth’s old port area, now a bustling community of specialist shops, craft workshops and art galleries. The Pilgrim Fathers departure for the New World is commemorated here at the Mayflower Steps.
  • Waterfront Walkway – A walk along the Plymouth’s Waterfront Walkway allows you to explore the history and magnificent setting of the maritime city. Waymarked from Admirals Hard to Jennycliff.

What’s your favorite free attraction in Plymouth? Let us know in the comments!

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