The Lowdown on Budget Hotels in Britain


I write this post from almost ten years traveling experience. While my husband and I were in college we tried to travel to England once a year. We were broke because we were students, but we made a trip happen almost every year. That being said, we went on a shoestring budget. One of the biggest costs of any trip is lodging. Hotel prices in the UK can be outrageous! You can find a great deal on a nice hotel but there are some pitfalls to avoid. Here are a few tips on budget lodging in the UK.

  • Check the Neighborhood: Yes you may have found a super nice hotel and got it at a great price, but if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! This is pretty common. The neighborhood may not be necessarily a “bad” area, it may be too far out too. You will not save any money staying outside of the city center, because you are going to spend more in the long run commuting back and forth. Speaking from experience, commuting back and fort the hotel is a real bummer.
  • Read Reviews: I always read reviews before I stay anywhere, not matter the price point. You have to read reviews with a critical eye. Some people are really finicky about certain things and can give a hotel a bad score unnecessarily. There are only a few things that will put me off in reviews, bed bugs and dirty rooms. However, that being said, I have to see this type of complaint more than once in many reviews before I take to heart.
  • When to check out: If you get to your hotel and it is down right scary don’t immediately panic, you got a good deal on the room for a reason. The questions to ask yourself are; Will I be safe here? Is the room too dirty? Are there bedbugs?
  • Rude Staff: A british friend and I were talking a while back and we were joking that in the United States the customer is always right, in the UK the customer is always wrong. Rude staff isn’t always the case, but I have pretty much come to expect it, this is not a reason to leave your hotel. Just try to be polite and go your own way.

Not all budget lodging is scary. Honestly, I have only had one less than desirable experience while staying in the UK. In my case the room was dirty and the hotel was noisy. I stayed there for the duration of the trip because I didn’t spend a lot of time in my room. That is the moral of the story here, you didn’t travel abroad to spend all of your time in your room, get out and see what you came to see. You simply need somewhere to sleep and wash in a safe environment. Read reviews and do your homework before you stay and you will do okay.

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