The Best Free Things to Do In London


London is one of the most expensive cities in the entire world, and no doubt if you’ve traveled there  you’ve noticed this.  That being said you really can have an awesome time in London on the cheap. Here are some of the best FREE things to do in London.

If art is your thing than London has an abundance of free art for you to see.  The National Gallery, Tate Britain, The Portrait Gallery,  and The Tate Modern are all free. Between all of these musuems you are sure to find the type of art that you are looking for. The Tate Modern often has some type of interactive installation. A couple of years ago we went when they had giant slides, it really is worth checking out.

Victoria and Albert Museum (also known as The V&A.),The Museum of London, National History Museum,  The Science Museum,  and The British Museum are also ALL FREE!!! You may have to pay to get into a special exhibition but the Museum’s own collection is free. These Museums are family friendly and a lot of fun. I have been to almost all of them and I highly recommend them. A trip to these museums makes you feel like you’ve traveled the world in a day.  It is also a great way to spend a rainy London day.

If a museum isn’t quite your thing or you want to spend the day outside I suggest one of London’s parks. London has some of the most beautiful parks that I have ever seen. As a matter of fact, my favorite London attraction is Hyde Park. The parks are beautiful green spaces with all sorts of surprises. Every time I visit London I make sure to stroll through the parks, they seem to change each time I go. St. James Park, Hyde Park, Regents Park, Kensington Roof Gardens are all free for the public. You can stroll, picnic, read  and chill out with youngest members of your family in any of these gorgeous picnics.

The South Bank is also another wonderful way to spend the day outside in London. The south Bank is a wonderful way to see London. As you stroll you can see most of London’s best attractions for free.  There is a really eclectic mix of things to do there. Some of the attractions such as the London Eye are not free, but you can find a bench and watch it go around. The walk is really beautiful situated along the Thames River.

Another really fun thing to do is visit some of the famous Squares of London . You can try: Trafalgar Square, Russel Square, Leicester Square, Covent Gardens (which is technically a square.) All of the Squares are free to stroll through and around. They are wonderful places to people watch. There are plenty of street performers and shop windows to keep you plenty entertained. I recommend grabbing a cup of tea (not free) at a sidewalk cafe and people watching. The best thing about these attractions is that there is plenty to do here well into the wee hours of the morning.

London is a city steeped in history, from the Romans to present day. How better to celebrate that history? Go see all of the monuments London has to offer. Some of the most famous monuments are: Nelson’s Colum (Traflgar Square), The Albert Monument (Hyde Park), The Great Fire Monument (located at the intersection of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill, 61 metres from where the Great Fire of London originated.) Cleopatra’s Needle (The Needle is in the on the Victoria Embankment near the Goldne Jubilee Bridges.) The Cenotaph (Whitehall, Westminster)and The Royal Albert Hall. Keep in mind when setting out to visit these landmarks that London is filled with them, so don’t be afraid to set out and see some other than the ones listed here. However, do keep in mind that London is huge so plan your route ahead of time and take into account transportation costs when planning.

Window shopping at Harrods, Bond Street and Browsing Through The shops, is another wonderful way to spend some time in London. I have always felt that London is one year ahead fashion wise from where I live, so it is fun to browse what will be fashionable next season. However there is so much more to see than fashion. I could seriously spend all day in Harrods. I very rarely have purchased anything in there but I think it is a great way to spend some time. I highly recommend the food halls in Harrods for a truly unique experience. All of the big departments stores are a lot of fun to go to. Keep in mind however that most of them are either closed or have limited hours on Sunday. Also Harrods does have a dress code and they will turn your away if you aren’t dressed properly. They will not allow you to enter if your jeans are torn up. Just keep this in mind.

For many London means one thing, The Royal Family. What better way to take some of that in then by visitin Buckingham Palace and  watching The Changing of The Guard. Watching the Changing of the Guard is completely free and so is visiting the outside gates of the Palace. I’ve never seen the changing of the Guard myself, but I have been past the Palace a few times and it is magical every time I go past.

So if you are traveling to London on a budget make sure to do some of these free things. They really are some of the best attractions that London has to offer. Many of the paid attractions are a tourist trap and quite honestly aren’t very good. Besides London is expensive, I would rather go to a museum and spend the majority of the day’s budget on a souvenir or a nice dinner.

If you are looking for more free things to do in London, check out Londontopia’s list of 101 Free Things to Do in London.

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