Stay in Someone’s Apartment or House and Live Like a Local with AirBNB

Staying in a flat while traveling isn’t a new travel trend but AirBNB has totally changed things where now instead of mostly companies offering flats for let – people are now letting out rooms in their apartment or house. You can also rent an entire property.

Prices are cheap – depending on where you’re willing to stay and what kind of accomidation you need. Availability will be strange and change every time you do a search – so if you see something you want – book it right away. They’ve got listings all over the UK so you’ll easily find something no matter where you want to travel in Britain.

AirBNB also has lots of safeguards built in so you don’t end up with no where to stay if something goes wrong. And if you want to make some money while you’re in Britain – you can rent out your own home while you’re gone.

Check it out:

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