Scenic Drives in Southern England

Because most people in England and most people visiting England tend to stay in the cities, it is easy to forget about the beautiful English countryside. While the northern portion of the country has much to offer, Southern England has some of the most scenic landscapes in all of Europe. Car hire in England can be very affordable, and it is a great way to enjoy the scenery at your own pace. Following are some of the top scenic drives in Southern England.


The Black Mountain Road in Powys is considered by many to be the most scenic stretch of road in the UK. The 10 kilometres that wind through the Brecon Beacons National Park is a drive that you will remember forever. The road climbs and dips as it cuts through the greenery of the mountains to offer travellers breathtaking views of the peaks and plateaus.


Sussex is the historic county in England’s southeast corner, and it provides sightseers with several scenic routes. However, the drive from Petersfield to Uckfield offers the greatest views. The A272 is light on traffic because most travellers are on the northbound and southbound roads, but it meanders east and west through the county. Quaint villages can be spotted from the road as you drive, and it is possible to stop along the way for a pleasant meal or a cup of tea.


The B4632 is a former A-road that lies between Cheltenham and Stratford. This road is lightly used by locals and is easy to drive. It is wider than most scenic roads, and it is meticulously maintained, which means you can watch the scenery and wildflowers along the way without worrying about dodging holes and bumps. In addition to the drive, Cotswolds is a great location for a weekend getaway. It offers several small market towns, quiet villages and comfortable inns.

English Riviera

Although the English Riviera has its share of tourists and the roads there are well travelled, its scenic beauty cannot be denied. Located in Devon, the English Riviera is comprised of over 30 km of beaches, blue seas and exotic gardens. One of the best stretches of road is that around Tor Bay, which runs through Brixham, Berry Head, Torquay and Paignton. For a closer look at the scenery, you can get out of the car and walk the South West Coast Path.


Somerset is in South West England along the coast of the Bristol Channel. This rural county is known for its scenic, rolling hills and agricultural land. A leisurely drive around Glastonbury provides surprisingly picturesque views of the fields. Exmoor is also a great location for a drive. Some people call it desolate, but few places are better for a little peace and quiet. The area around Exmoor National Park is sparsely populated, but small villages along the way provide a respite from driving.

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