Pay Attention to Your Coins

This is a £2. Coin!


If you are traveling to Britain from the United States, one very common mistake that most Americans make, myself included, is to not pay attention to the coins you receive as change while you are in Britain. Here in the United States we usually only pay for items using paper money, so when you go to Britain you may find yourself doing the same thing. While it is perfectly acceptable to pay there using a paper note, keep in mind that some of the coins there have larger denominations than we do here.

They have £2 coins. They also have £1 coins as well. It is easy to throw your coins in your pocket and think of them as spare change. At the end of the day all of those coins can really add up. So when you are handed coins pay attention to what you are getting back, because there can be some real value there.

If you are left with a lot of coins at the end of your trip a great way to spend them is at the airport. Every time I go I end up with about £10.-15 Pounds left from my visit, I always spend them at the airport. Don’t bother to exchange them back into your normal currency, you’ll loose horribly on the exchange rate normally. Go buy a local magazine or a sandwich. If you are still left over with some coins they make wonderful souvenirs too. So pay attention to your coins.

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