How to See Britain’s Cathedrals For Free – Attend Evensong Services

If you want to see the inside of Britain’s famous cathedrals for free – all you need to do is wait until the tourist hours are over and attend an actual Church service.

Choral Evensong is free and you get to see the cathedral for free. After they closed the Cathedrals to tourists, you can still come in and see the nightly service, usually held around 5pm for free. You can probably have a wander once services are over.

You get to hear beautiful music and the see cathedral for free. Can’t beat that even if you’re not religious. If you’re in London we recommend Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral. Outside of London we recommend Salisbury Cathedral, Durham Cathedral and Yorkminster. Check with each cathedral for their evening service times which will vary.

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  1. Christina Wheeler says:

    We did this at St Paul’s. Sunday Church Service is open to the public as well. When we went to Evensong, there was a recital after so doing the touristy thing was no allowed. The view during the service was in itself breathtaking. If you think you will not be satisfied without being able to visit the whole Cathedral, pay the admission and go at your leasure. I’d still recommend going to the service, it is beautiful and what a lovely memory.

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