Four-step plan for camping safely during a heatwave

The UK is finally enjoying a sustained heatwave. The temperatures have been high and the sun has been shining brightly for the past week or so, with no end in sight if the latest weather forecasts are anything to go by.

If you are going camping to make the most of this glorious weather – the last heatwave resembling anything like this in the UK was in 2006 remember – it is important to stay safe.

Here are four ways to enjoy your time in the great outdoors, free from any problems or quarrels:

1.     Welcome the shade

While it is nice to get out in the hot summer sunshine, it is very important that you take regular breaks away from sun.

Either pitch up at a part of a campsite that has lots of shade available, say near a bunch of trees or close to a building, or enjoy a few minutes inside your tent every time an hour or so passes by.

2.     Pop up and go

You are going to tire yourself out if you spend the best part of a morning setting up a complex tent in blistering temperatures.

If you are just heading away for the weekend, opt for a pop up tent instead. You will be surprised just how quick one of these takes to set up and pitch, while still being incredibly spacious and snug inside.

For even more comfort, snap up a set of high-quality sleeping bags from Craigdon Mountain Sports and guarantee that every night under the stars is a cosy one.

3.     Dive in at your campsite

We have so many methods to try to cool down during a heatwave – eating a freezing cold ice lolly is extremely popular, as is wearing as few layers of clothing as you can get away with.

If you are trying to find somewhere to camp though, have a look for sites where you can access a lake, river or even a specially made swimming pool.

UK Campsite is great for finding a place to stay outdoors that caters exactly to your wants and desires.

4.     Sip sensibly

It is always tempting to get the alcohol out and enjoy a lovely drink outside when the sun is shining bright – if you are legally allowed to do so, of course.

However, during a heatwave it is best to keep alcohol, as well as anything laden with caffeine, to an absolute minimum.

These types of fluids only heighten your risk of becoming dehydrated, so a chilled bottle of cold water will be the more sensible and refreshing choice every time.

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