British-themed, budget-friendly interior design

The British have an almost exportable eccentricity that permeates the interiors of their homes. They specialise in living areas that look as if people use them; a lived-in look but with comfort at the fore.

The best thing is that the British look can be achieved without breaking the bank, with a few homely touches […]

How to add a touch of Englishness to your living room

With the Scandinavian influences of a certain furniture mega-store, many people have lost the edge of Englishness when it comes to their living rooms. Instead, they’re beset by a kind of international style that doesn’t allow for the quirks of chintz and floral design. Fortunately, the English do chintz very well, and the classic country […]

Top 5 Things to See and Do Around Torquay Devon

Torquay is a very famous seaside town in Devon – most famous for its association with the classic British comedy Fawlty Towers.

We’re going to be in the area later this year and here are give places that we’d like to check out while we’re visiting.

Dartmouth Steam Railway & River Boat Company

This offers […]

Four-step plan for camping safely during a heatwave

The UK is finally enjoying a sustained heatwave. The temperatures have been high and the sun has been shining brightly for the past week or so, with no end in sight if the latest weather forecasts are anything to go by.

If you are going camping to make the most of this glorious weather – […]

The Buyers Guide to Pre-Owned Holiday Homes in Britain

Whether you choose to call them caravans, chalets or holiday homes, getaway properties by the coast make an attractive investment for anyone who wants instant access to sea and sun-filled breaks on Britain’s shores at any time of year.

However, anyone who is considering buying a holiday home should be prepared to investigate their options […]