Find a Local Grocery Store or Snack Shop


If you are traveling on a budget this tip is an absolute must.  When you arrive or shortly thereafter, you will want to find some sort of grocery store or corner shop that sells packaged food. Pick up some basics, keeping in mind that you most likely will not have refrigeration and limited means in which to cook anything.  So you want to look for snacks like fruit, prepackaged crackers or cookies. I highly recommend trying the “crisps” also known as chips, they come in some really interesting and amazingly delicious flavors.

You may even want to vist your local grocery store before you leave and bring some food from home for snacks. Just make sure that whatever you bring, is prepackaged and still sealed or you will have trouble getting it through customs. My husband and I brought a box of cereal once and just ran to the local store and bought single pints of milk for breakfast. We ate cereal out of the teacups that were provided in our room. We even were able to pick up a bunch of bananas to go with our cereal for a healthy and inexpensive breakfast.

This is a great way to eat inexpensively, from snacks to meals. Just keep in mind, if you are bringing food from home, avoid liquids, it must be sealed in its original packaging and you cannot bring any fresh fruit or vegetables. If you are shopping while you are in the UK, remember you will most likely not have means of refrigeration or a way to cook most food items. Check your hotel room first to see what you have available to you for cooking and storage purposes, then venture out to the store. This is a great way to save a lot of money!

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