Duty Free Shopping at the Airport Isn’t Always a Great Deal

While there are some things worth waiting to buy at the airport (i.e. cheap souvenirs) we don’t really recommend doing a lot of duty-free shopping at the airports in Britain.

Duty-free shopping makes it seem like you’re getting a deal as you don’t have to pay sales (or VAT) or any other taxes on items you buy while in transit. It’s been our experience though that prices are still higher than what you’d pay on the high street in Britain.

Even high dollar items like computers, cameras, etc are way more expensive at the airport. I’ve never really been tempted by any good deals because they’re aren’t any.

Besides, if you’re leaving Britain, chances are you’ve spent all your vacation money enjoying your trip – why save it for the airport which is basically a mall that you can’t leave once you enter?

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