Consider the London Pass for Savings in London

The London Pass is a great way to save money on your next trip to London. London is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit and its popular tourist attractions are no exceptions. If you’re travelling in a family – entrance fees to various attractions can add up quickly and give you quite a surprise that you didn’t budget for. That’s where the London Pass comes in.

It’s a card that gives you free access to most of London’s top tourist attractions so that your attraction costs are fixed before you go to London. Conveniently you can also get transport on the London Underground bundled into the card so you can save on getting around. Some of the attractions London Pass works with are actually already free – but you get added benefits such as free audio tours or guidebooks. And with every purchase of a London Pass you’ll be given a great little guidebook that lists all the attractions its valid at and how to get there. It’s a great buy that we always recommend.

Our London Pass Recommendations:

  • Buy it With Transport Included for added savings
  • Don’t bother with 1 day pass – not worth it as you won’t have time to go to more than a couple attractions in a day.
  • Buy at least a 3 day pass
  • 6 Day passes are the best deal all around and give you plenty of time
  • Some attractions they advertise are already free to get in – having a pass gets you a benefit like an audio tour or free guidebook when you get there.
  • Buy Several weeks before your planned trip.

Get your passport to London! FREE entry to over 50 attractions – FREE public transport – The London Pass

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