Consider Staying in a Hostel to save Money in Britain

This option is more popular with students and younger people than more seasoned travelers. But you can save a lot of money by staying in a youth hostel instead of a hotel.

Staying in a hostel requires a little bit of sacrifice as you sometimes have to share a room (as well as a bathroom). But the trade-off is that you get a cheap place to sleep and you meet a lot of interesting people around the world. You can find a bed as low as $10-20 a night.

If you do opt for a hostel, keep your wits about you and guard your valuables. There are people who prey on hostelers (seeing them as easy marks). As long as you watch out – you should be safe.

Good place to look for hostels:

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  1. As an older person – I’ve stayed in hostels everytime I’ve been to the UK. I’ve stayed in ones in London, Cardiff and Edinbourgh and have found them to be the greatest fun. You’d be surprised how many families and older travelers do use hostels. You just need to research them online and you can save money by joining the YHA and get discounts on stays. You can go to their websites and check out hostels for safety, how clean they are, the amenities they offer. It really is a great way to travel the UK.

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