Cheap Cell Phone Rental While in the UK – Tep Wireless

Since we do a lot of business in the UK while we’re there – it makes sense for us to rent a mobile phone while we’re in town. We get a local phone number, smartphone and it makes it a lot easier for people to get a hold of us.

I tried to rely on Skype a few trips ago when I was in London and it worked if I was in the room – but when I was out and about I had trouble keeping in touch with various business associates.

So, I usually rent a mobile phone from Tep Wireless which offers UK smartphones for rent as well as Mobile WiFi units. You get a local phone number and a way to access our email from anywhere while in London. The WiFi hotspot also works great with the iPhone and is worth the extra cost.

Pricing starts at $5.95 a day for the smartphone or $5.95 a day for a mobile WiFi.

Check out their website:

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