Top 10 Tips to Survive Flying Economy to Britain


Britain is an island and there are only two ways to get there, by boat or by plane. Since air travel is less expensive and takes much less time, if you’re going on a budget that is the way to go. Chances are if you are on a budget your will probably be flying […]

Guide to Cheap Public Transportation in Britain, Buses, Trains, The Tube, and Boris Bikes



Britain being a modern country offers the cash strapped traveler many ways to get around without needing to rent a car. My husband and I have been on many trips and have seen the country relying on public transportation. For the most part public transport is inexpensive and efficient. There are a ton […]

How to Call Britain or London Cheaply – Use Skype


If you’re planning a trip to Britain and need to call somewhere in the UK to make arrangements, you’ll most likely get sticker shock when you get the phone bill. Thankfully, with the advent of modern technology – this doesn’t need to happen.

We use the free service Skype to make all of our […]

Consider the London Pass for Savings in London


The London Pass is a great way to save money on your next trip to London. London is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit and its popular tourist attractions are no exceptions. If you’re travelling in a family – entrance fees to various attractions can add up quickly and […]

Top 10 Guidebooks for Planning a Budget Trip to Britain

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We love travel guidebooks – it’s so much fun to page through them and plan our trips. We’ve bought most of the British related travel guidebooks at one point or another so we’ve got a working knowledge of which ones are worth the money.

So, to help our fellow Budget Britain travelers, we thought we’d […]