Budget Alert: Save 20% on Rail Travel in Britain

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Rail Europe is offering a great sale on trains fares throughout britain where you can save 20% for a limited time.

Here are the details:

Rail Europe always makes booking British rail e-tickets affordable and convenient. And now, for a limited time, you can save 20% with our British Rail Sale, in celebration of […]

Don’t fall for the Illusion of Free Travel to Britain with Airmiles


There’s a big movement out there of people who claim to travel for free using airline rewards miles. I’m sure there are people who do this and can do quite well at it. But they are the exception, not the rule.

When it comes to traveling to Britain, our experience has been the airmiles […]

Duty Free Shopping at the Airport Isn’t Always a Great Deal


While there are some things worth waiting to buy at the airport (i.e. cheap souvenirs) we don’t really recommend doing a lot of duty-free shopping at the airports in Britain.

Duty-free shopping makes it seem like you’re getting a deal as you don’t have to pay sales (or VAT) or any other taxes on […]

Save Money With Budget Flights Within Britain


While we’ve written at length about ways to save money traveling by Bus and Train in Britain – one option you can consider on a budget is traveling by budget airline.

Easyjet and Ryanair offer cheap fares all around the British Isles and it’s a great way to fit in Edinburgh, Belfast or Dublin […]

Watch out for the Congestion Charge in London


Several years ago London instituted a congestion charge in central London for all cars that enter the congestion charge zone. If a car enters the congestion charge zone it has to pay a toll of £10 during the week during daylight hours (weekends and holidays there is no charge).

It’s supposed to reduce traffic in Central […]

Budget Tip: Don’t Wait to Eat at the Airport

This is more of a general budget traveling tip rather than one specifically for Britain but it’s simple: don’t eat at airports.

Airports have captive customers so prices don’t have to be low. You’ll even overpay at somewhere like McDonald’s. So, either eat a good meal before you go to the airport or pack a […]

First Class Means FIRST CLASS in Britain


One of the weird things to get used to in Britain is that their classes of travel are very rigid. Many trains – even commuter trains – have first class cabins which is rather strange in itself.

Unless you have a first class ticket – you cannot go into the first class cabin. Even […]

Guide to EasyJet Fees and Charges


Like Ryanair, EasyJet is a great way to travel cheap by air around Britain. And also like Ryanair, EasyJet is notorious for ripping off consumers with their absurd fees. Here’s a quick guide to them so you don’t get taken for a ride.

New booking Fee

All bookings will incur a £9.00 administration fee. Bookings made […]

Watch out for Car Rental Insurance Rip-offs


If you rent a car in Britain, it’s understandable to want to get as much car insurance as possible when you rent your car so you’re protected.

But this is a quick way to waste a lot of money.

Your fee for renting the car actually includes basic insurance, anything they sell you is […]

Always Use a Licensed Taxi – Not Just in London


Wherever you are in Britain and need to use a Taxi service – always use a licensed taxi service. Never use a mini-cab or other unlicensed service.

It’s a safety issue and a cost issue.

Licensed taxi services have to give you the best fare to your destination and they’re heavily regulated because of […]