Easiest Free WiFi in Britain – Apple Stores


If you’re in Britain and need quick access to Free WiFi – look for the local Apple Store. Most major cities in Britain have one or two Apple Stores and you can get all the free internet access you want.

I usually stop by the Regent’s Street store in London a couple of times […]

Top 5 Free Things to do in Plymouth England


Plymouth is full of rich Maritime history and it best known as the departure point for the Pilgrims who settled Massachusetts. So what better way to enjoy Plymouth than to gather together the Top 5 free things to do if you’re in town?

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery – The museums permanent galleries display extensive collections of […]

Candy Makes a Great Souvenir for Family Back Home


If you’re traveling in Britain on a budget and are looking for the perfect gift for friends and family back home, consider getting them British Candy.

British candy makes a great souvenir because it’s not very expensive, won’t get seized by customs and in general British candy is more tasty than American candy. Flavors […]

Shop at Local Markets – Avoid Touristy Markets

Covent Garden Market


You can save a lot of money on food and souvenirs if you shop at local markets in Britain – but watch out for markets geared at tourists – you won’t save any money there.

Here are two examples of each:

Borough Market – London – Locals Market – A rich market, frequented by locals […]

Guide to EasyJet Fees and Charges


Like Ryanair, EasyJet is a great way to travel cheap by air around Britain. And also like Ryanair, EasyJet is notorious for ripping off consumers with their absurd fees. Here’s a quick guide to them so you don’t get taken for a ride.

New booking Fee

All bookings will incur a £9.00 administration fee. Bookings made […]

Watch out for Car Rental Insurance Rip-offs


If you rent a car in Britain, it’s understandable to want to get as much car insurance as possible when you rent your car so you’re protected.

But this is a quick way to waste a lot of money.

Your fee for renting the car actually includes basic insurance, anything they sell you is […]

Always Use a Licensed Taxi – Not Just in London


Wherever you are in Britain and need to use a Taxi service – always use a licensed taxi service. Never use a mini-cab or other unlicensed service.

It’s a safety issue and a cost issue.

Licensed taxi services have to give you the best fare to your destination and they’re heavily regulated because of […]

Save Money on Rail Fares – The Britrail Pass


The Britrail pass is something that’s only available to those who live outside of Britain. It’s a pass that basically gives you unlimited travel on Britain’s rail network for a set period of time.

They can be expensive – but if you plan to do extensive travel of Britain’s rail networks, they can pay […]

For Entry to Welsh Castles – Consider the Cadw Explorer Pass


If you plan to spend a lot of time in Wales – it’s not a bad idea to get their equivalanet to the National Trust or English Heritage Pass – the Cadw Explorer Pass.

One thing you can depend on is Cadw’s 3 or 7 day explorer passes. They provide a great value way […]

Watch out for Half-Term Deals


Britain’s school kids usually get a 1 week break in the middle of their semesters and this time is called half-term. This means that Britain’s popular tourist attractions will be mobbed with kids and families as they seek to take advantage of the days off.

That said – while you’ll have to contend with […]