Consider Staying in a Hostel to save Money in Britain


This option is more popular with students and younger people than more seasoned travelers. But you can save a lot of money by staying in a youth hostel instead of a hotel.

Staying in a hostel requires a little bit of sacrifice as you sometimes have to share a room (as well as a bathroom). […]

Watch out for the Congestion Charge in London


Several years ago London instituted a congestion charge in central London for all cars that enter the congestion charge zone. If a car enters the congestion charge zone it has to pay a toll of £10 during the week during daylight hours (weekends and holidays there is no charge).

It’s supposed to reduce traffic in Central […]

Budget Tip: Don’t Wait to Eat at the Airport

This is more of a general budget traveling tip rather than one specifically for Britain but it’s simple: don’t eat at airports.

Airports have captive customers so prices don’t have to be low. You’ll even overpay at somewhere like McDonald’s. So, either eat a good meal before you go to the airport or pack a […]

Stock up on Camera Memory Cards and Batteries


One mistake we made  a few years ago was thinking that if we can out of memory card space on our digital cameras, we could just buy some while in Britain. This was an expensive mistake.

We recommend stocking up on memory cards at home before you depart for Britain. They’re cheap these days […]

Top 5 Free Things to do in Norwich England


Norwich is a lovely town near the North Sea that has many exciting attractions to visit. We’ve put together a list of our favorite free things to do in Norwich.

The Old Skating Rink Gallery – The South Asian Decorative Arts and Crafts Collection (SADACC) presents its extensive collection of the everyday arts, crafts and […]

First Class Means FIRST CLASS in Britain


One of the weird things to get used to in Britain is that their classes of travel are very rigid. Many trains – even commuter trains – have first class cabins which is rather strange in itself.

Unless you have a first class ticket – you cannot go into the first class cabin. Even […]

Eating on the Cheap – Fast Food is Your Friend – No Shame in McDonald’s


While it’s not the healthiest way to eat while you’re traveling, eating fast food while in Britain will save you a lot of money. You can usually eat a tasty and filling meal for under £5.

Whether it’s going to McDonald’s (which tastes better in Britain) or hitting up the local fish and chips […]

The Glories of Couchsurfing – Staying for Free in Britain


If you’re really on a budget and basically want somewhere to stay for free while you’re in Britain, consider joining the website called Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing is a travel social network where people offer their couches or spare beds to weary travelers for free. It’s a way to grow your network of friends and gain […]

Top 5 Free Things to do in Dover England


Dover has been the gateway to Britain for thousands of years and as a result has a rich and iconic history. The White Cliffs of Dover are a symbol of Britain and are worth visiting Dover alone. Here’s our list of the Top 5 Free things to do in Dover England.

Samphire Hoe – Interesting […]

Looking for British Books On a Budget? Try Used Bookstores

These Seem to Still Be in Style

I love browsing bookstores when I’m in Britain – there’s so many interesting books published there that we don’t get here in the USA so I always feel like a kid in a candy store. It’s easy to spend too much money on books (and overload my luggage!).

One way to keep things in […]