Duty Free Shopping at the Airport Isn’t Always a Great Deal


While there are some things worth waiting to buy at the airport (i.e. cheap souvenirs) we don’t really recommend doing a lot of duty-free shopping at the airports in Britain.

Duty-free shopping makes it seem like you’re getting a deal as you don’t have to pay sales (or VAT) or any other taxes on […]

You can Avoid Buying Music CD’s


While you won’t have a problem using a CD bought in Britain back home – our question is why bother to buy music while in the UK at all?

Sure you can discover some music you haven’t heard before but who even buys CD’s these days to discover music?

You can discover plenty of […]

Looking for British Books On a Budget? Try Used Bookstores

These Seem to Still Be in Style

I love browsing bookstores when I’m in Britain – there’s so many interesting books published there that we don’t get here in the USA so I always feel like a kid in a candy store. It’s easy to spend too much money on books (and overload my luggage!).

One way to keep things in […]

Candy Makes a Great Souvenir for Family Back Home


If you’re traveling in Britain on a budget and are looking for the perfect gift for friends and family back home, consider getting them British Candy.

British candy makes a great souvenir because it’s not very expensive, won’t get seized by customs and in general British candy is more tasty than American candy. Flavors […]

Shop at Local Markets – Avoid Touristy Markets

Covent Garden Market


You can save a lot of money on food and souvenirs if you shop at local markets in Britain – but watch out for markets geared at tourists – you won’t save any money there.

Here are two examples of each:

Borough Market – London – Locals Market – A rich market, frequented by locals […]

Hold Onto Your Receipts for a VAT Refund at the Airport


It’s not secret that Britain’s 20% VAT (or sales tax) hurts when traveling in Britain. It inflates the costs of everything in Britain and you don’t notice it because it’s built into every price – so things just seem more expensive all around.

You can, however, get some of the VAT back at the […]

Cheap Cell Phone Rental While in the UK – Tep Wireless


Since we do a lot of business in the UK while we’re there – it makes sense for us to rent a mobile phone while we’re in town. We get a local phone number, smartphone and it makes it a lot easier for people to get a hold of us.

I tried to rely […]

Traveling With Credit Cards in Britain – Watch out for Hidden Fees


We’ve written before about relying on ATM cards to get cash while in Britain – you’ll get the best exchange rate this way. What what about using your credit cards too?

This is a little more complicated.

On the one hand, you’ll get the best exchange rate when you swipe your credit card as […]

VAT Free Shopping at Harrods in London – Save 20% off your Purchase!


One of the biggest bites out of your pocket book when travel to Britain will be VAT – which is a 20% sales tax on everything. Harrods – the department store actually allows you to shop VAT free.

If you spend more than £50 in the store, you can claim back your VAT in […]

Budget Tips: Don’t Convert to Dollars at Checkout


A new ‘feature’ in a lot of stores these days is that when they swipe your American (or foreign) credit card, they’ll offer to convert you purchase to dollars on the spot rather than pay in British pounds.

You would think that this would be a better deal for you if you can get […]