Lodging: Consider a B&B Over a Hotel


If you’re looking to save money on lodging in the UK – you might want to consider staying in a Bed and Breakfast.

You get to stay with locals, get that personal connection and then you get breakfast. In rural areas of Britain that aren’t well served by hotels, B&B’s are a great alternative.


The Lowdown on Budget Hotels in Britain



I write this post from almost ten years traveling experience. While my husband and I were in college we tried to travel to England once a year. We were broke because we were students, but we made a trip happen almost every year. That being said, we went on a shoestring budget. One […]

What’s the Cheapest Hotel in London?


The cheapest and cleanest hotels in London are the EasyHotel chain of hotels located in: South Kensington, Paddington, Victoria, Heathrow, Earl’s Court, Luton and The City.

Rooms are very basic, offering just a bed and a bathroom with no amenities and you have to pay for the privilege of watching the TV. However, rooms are clean, […]

How to Survive Your Budget Hotel


I’ve spent many years traveling on the cheap. Some of the best traveling I have ever done has been on a shoestring budget. That being said, some of the worst traveling I have ever done has also been on a tight budget. The one thing I have learned, which many disagree, is spend a […]