Foodies Guide to Jersey in the Channel Islands


There are far more reasons for an avid foodie to book flights to Jersey than creamy milk and new potatoes. The largest of the Channel Islands, sitting just off the Normandy coast, is a gastronome’s dream. Forget eating soggy sandwiches in East Midlands airport; keep your appetite primed for arrival. You’re going to need […]

Eating on the Cheap – Fast Food is Your Friend – No Shame in McDonald’s


While it’s not the healthiest way to eat while you’re traveling, eating fast food while in Britain will save you a lot of money. You can usually eat a tasty and filling meal for under £5.

Whether it’s going to McDonald’s (which tastes better in Britain) or hitting up the local fish and chips […]

Budget Eating: A Dirt Cheap Lunch – Ready Made Sandwiches


Britain invented the sandwich and that’s very clear in Britain today when you’re traveling there. Most convenient stores and food stores in places like railway stations stock a huge array of cheap, ready-made sandwiches.

You buy the sandwich and it’s ready to eat. This is a great way to save money on lunch and […]

Budget Eating: Why Not Share a Meal?


A great way to save money on an expensive dinner out is to share a meal. Most food portions in Britain are bigger than one person can eat so simply ask for an extra plate and split your plate with your travel partner.

Some restaurants may not allow this so you should ask first.


Don’t Forget Your Tea!


Most hotels rooms will provide you with a tea kettle and tea. It is important to take advantage of this before leaving your room, rather than paying for a cuppa while you’re out and about. Tea will be the lifeblood of your trip.

Find a Local Grocery Store or Snack Shop



If you are traveling on a budget this tip is an absolute must.  When you arrive or shortly thereafter, you will want to find some sort of grocery store or corner shop that sells packaged food. Pick up some basics, keeping in mind that you most likely will not have refrigeration and limited means in […]

How to Eat Lunch in London and Britain on the Cheap


Food is often one of the most under budgeted parts of a trip. You can easily go broke while on vacation if you do not have a clearly defined meal plan in place. It is very possible to eat on the cheap while on vacation and in most cases you will actually eat better. […]

How to do Breakfast on the Cheap in London and Britain


Eating out for breakfast in Britain can be very expensive. While there’s nothing better than a good English fry-up our top tip for getting breakfast on the cheap is to go to a grocery store when you arrive.

We hit a local grocery store as soon as we arrive and buy provisions for the […]