Budget Tips: How to Find Free Public Toilets in Britain

Many Americans are shocked to find that when they travel to Britain for the first time – a lot of public toilets charge for the privelege of their use. That’s not something very commonplace in the USA.

The Brits have their reasons for charging – it keeps the bathrooms cleaner and keeps out undesirables (like drug addicts shooting up). But it can be annoying if you’re caught short and don’t have the exact change to pay for access to a loo.

Luckily there’s a resource you can use called Find a Public Toilet – not all the toilets listed are free but it will show you the free ones in any given town in Britain. It’s a great resource.

Check out Find a Public Toilet: http://www.findatoilet.mobi/

Most major towns will have free public toilets and many businesses will have them too and they’ll be clearly marked.

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