Budget Tip: Whatever you Do, Don’t Use Your iPhone in Britain

If you travel to Britain with your iPhone you may be very excited to be using it on a foreign trip – you may have even loaded it with useful apps for your trip.

Our warning is to be careful how you use it.

International roaming data charges will put you in the poorhouse. We used our iPhone on one first trip and returned home to a $1200 phone bill.

If you really want to use your iPhone while in Britain, here’s a few tips to follow:

  • Only buy apps that store their data locally
  • Turn off international roaming before you leave
  • Take advantage of free wifi
  • Buy an international roaming package from AT&T
  • Turn off email or anything else that uses Push notifications
  • Avoid using Google maps – GPS is free but the data for loading the maps is not.
  • Avoid text messages as they costs a lot more than texts at home

Your best bet may be to rent a local UK phone or buy a prepaid phone. Or just leave it at home and enjoy your vacation without it – plenty of people traveled to Britain with out iPhones before they existed!

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