Budget Tip: Don’t Waste Money on an Airplane Charger for Your Laptop or iPad

Years ago, I bought a special charger for my laptop for use on an Airplane. It was not cheap. And I’ve never used it. So, learn from this mistake.

Most laptops these days have a long battery life where you can get a good amount of use out of them on the plane, so there’s usually no need to charge your device on the plane.

Many planes now have standard American pronged plugs in the seats so you don’t need special adapters anymore. But this can vary by airline and class you’re traveling in.

We recommend charging your devices fully before you leave, taking advantage of free plugs in the airport itself. If you really absolutely need to stay charged you can buy an extra battery or a power pack. You shouldn’t have a problem staying charged.

If you’re using a device like an iPhone or iPad (which already have long battery life) most airlines are incorporating USB charging ports in their seats as well.

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