Bargain Theatre Tickets in London

London is the theatre capital of the world and one in five visitors will make a point of seeing at least one show whilst they stay in London – whether they are here on business, with a group or enjoying a short break with their loved ones.

But whoever you are with, one thing remains the same and that is the price of top price tickets for London’s top musicals and plays.

It costs a lot of money to put on a West End musical, so it is understandable that tickets are expensive – did you know that top price seats for The Book of Mormon are now over £150 each!?

But choose your seats wisely, avoid certain performances and know where to look for deals and you can save huge amounts of money on London theatre tickets.

Do you really have to sit in the very best seats?

The headline price for tickets at the front of the stalls can be scary to say the least, but by tickets on the aisle not only will you be closer to the bar at the interval but you will avoid the premium seats in the middle of the row. At The Book of Mormon this will save you £75 per ticket!

But you can save even more than that if you don’t mind sitting up “in the gods”. These are the seats up in the balcony and upper circle where you can save another £30 or £40 per ticket. And don’t be worried about being stuck behind a pillar – if you follow the next golden rule you will avoid all pillars, rails and corners!

When buying tickets, either buy from the theatre direct or from a member of STAR. Members of the Society of Theatre Agents and Retailers must tell you if the tickets they have are restricted in any way. They must tell you if they are selling you a cheap ticket and what that entails and they must tell you how much of what they are charging you is ticket price and how much is their fee.

Of course the great thing about using STAR agents is that sometimes they can get some really great deals and the price they can sell the ticket for is a lot cheaper than the price at the theatre


No theatre likes to be empty, so on days that they know will be quiet, they will offer tickets at a discount.

In Advance. If you want to plan ahead then check out websites like A STAR agent, they get deals and, when they don’t get deals, they have to tell you how much fee they are charging. Look for tickets marked with “special offer” They have special Flash Sales and Show of the Month offers and they also offer theatre / dinner deals.

In a Package. Like Theatre Dinner deals you can get great discounts on theatre packages including tickets and hotel accommodation. Called theatre breaks they can even include travel to London and other attractions and London tours – you could book up your whole short break based around a single trip to the theatre: perfect for a special occasion!

On the Day: Of course some people like to leave their plans to the very last minute. In London’s Theatreland this can work very well… as long as you follow certain guidelines.

Avoid Saturday nights – not only are you unlikely to be able to get a discount but you may not be able to get any tickets at all!

Look for Day Tickets – but get there early. Some theatres offer day tickets. You queue for the box office to open and hopefully you will be lucky: not good if you only have a short amount of time in London!

Use TKTS – The famous half price ticket booth in Leicester Square has many impersonators so make sure you head for the shack with the clock tower on the southern side of Leicester Square. Shows available vary enormously and again the queues can be long!

Be Cheeky! – My mate leaves his theatre planning until 10 minutes before curtain up. He goes to the box office and asks for a deal. If he is lucky he gets a great seat for £20. If he is unlucky he just goes home. Great if you are in London all week long, not so great if that was your only chance to see a show!

These are some of the shows that are currently offering special offers of one kind or another.

The Commitments

Billy Elliot

The Phantom of the Opera

Thriller – Live


Let It be

Woman in Black

The 39 Steps


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Jersey Boys

Mamma Mia!

Happy Theatre-going!

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