Top 10 Tips to Survive Flying Economy to Britain


Britain is an island and there are only two ways to get there, by boat or by plane. Since air travel is less expensive and takes much less time, if you’re going on a budget that is the way to go. Chances are if you are on a budget your will probably be flying […]

Guide to Cheap Public Transportation in Britain, Buses, Trains, The Tube, and Boris Bikes



Britain being a modern country offers the cash strapped traveler many ways to get around without needing to rent a car. My husband and I have been on many trips and have seen the country relying on public transportation. For the most part public transport is inexpensive and efficient. There are a ton […]

Walk to Save Some Money


This tip is for London in particular, consider walking to your destination instead of taking public transportation. London is a big city and has plenty of options for inexpensive transportation but sometimes it is just nicer to walk. I am speaking particularly of the Tube, while it is fast and inexpensive it is almost […]

Free Fun: London’s Parks



I have traveled to London almost a dozen times and have seen pretty much every attraction, paid and free. However with all of the amazing things I’ve seen, Hyde Park in London has to be my favorite place practically on the face of this Earth. Hyde Park is not alone, London is full […]

The Lowdown on Budget Hotels in Britain



I write this post from almost ten years traveling experience. While my husband and I were in college we tried to travel to England once a year. We were broke because we were students, but we made a trip happen almost every year. That being said, we went on a shoestring budget. One […]

How To Set a Realistic Budget for Your Trip to Britain


The number one thing you can do to ensure you have a trip that goes smoothly is to plan ahead well in advance. It all starts in the planning stages, from where you are going to stay to what you are going to eat to what you are going to see. When thinking about […]

How to Get From Heathrow to Central London – Your Options


So once you’ve made it to England, you have to get from Heathrow into central London. Heathrow is not close to London, but it is easy to get into London from the airport. Depending on your budget there are a lot of good and affordable options. I have traveled just about every way from the airport […]

Find a Local Grocery Store or Snack Shop



If you are traveling on a budget this tip is an absolute must.  When you arrive or shortly thereafter, you will want to find some sort of grocery store or corner shop that sells packaged food. Pick up some basics, keeping in mind that you most likely will not have refrigeration and limited means in […]

How to Eat Lunch in London and Britain on the Cheap


Food is often one of the most under budgeted parts of a trip. You can easily go broke while on vacation if you do not have a clearly defined meal plan in place. It is very possible to eat on the cheap while on vacation and in most cases you will actually eat better. […]

Souvenirs on the Cheap



Traveling is expensive, or at least it can be if you don’t know how to find the best deals and do it inexpensively.  One of the most expensive aspects of traveling can be souvenir shopping. Just about everyone would love to take home a little something to remind them of their trip. It […]