101 Budget Britain Tips Guidebook


It’s no secret that Britain is an expensive place. We certainly know. After making nearly 10 trips to the UK over the last decade we’ve seen the best and the worst that Britain has to offer in the budget travel realm.

Britain may be expensive but with careful planning and thought, you can travel there on a budget and still enjoy yourself.

So, that’s why we decided to write this guide – to help anyone planning or thinking of planning a trip to Britain save money so they can make it happen.

What’s Included?

  • Find out the cheapest ways to travel around Britain.
  • Find out the tourist attractions you can avoid.
  • Find free things to do in Britain’s major cities
  • Travel planning tips to plan with a budget in mind from day one.
  • Shopping tips to save money on souvenirs.
  • Lodging tips so your hotel stay doesn’t break the bank.
  • How to eat in Britain cheaply
  • And much more!

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Preview of the First Chapter

101 Budget Britain Travel Tips Preview

Reviews of the Budget Britain Guide

“If you’re a bargain hunter, you’ll appreciate Jonathan and Jackie’s tips on how to get around economically, or cheaply, or even free.  Britain is expensive, make no mistake, but if you keep your wits about you, it isn’t hard to travel on a budget, and this book is filled with tips that will show you how to make sure your trip-of-a-lifetime will take your breath away merely due to the spectacular scenery and magnificent sights, and not when you see your next month’s bank statement.”

Mike Harling – Postcards from Across the Pond

“This eBook is beautifully laid out, written in a concise and engaging style, and very user-friendly. Many of the tips focus mainly on London, but there are also “Top 5″ lists of free things to do in numerous cities from Glasgow to Lincoln to Cardiff! The authors write from personal experience, and that wisdom comes out in some quirky advice that you might never have considered. For someone who is clueless about international travel, some of these tips were revelations. Even more seasoned travelers might be interested to know how they can get  £1 train tickets all over Britain, or why it’s smart to skip the trains altogether.”

Abigail Rogers – Picture Britain

“Although the book doesn’t hold many surprises for a cheapskate ex-Londoner like myself, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to any traveller to the UK.  You could probably run all the information to ground somewhere on the net – but it would take hours (if not days) and you’d have to know where to look.  The book will save you a ton of time as well as money.”

Andrea – London Hotels Insight

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 101 Budget Britain Travel Tips Include?

  • 101 Tips – some you won’t read anywhere else
  • Save Money Shopping in Britain
  • Save Money on Lodging in Britain
  • Attractions worth skipping
  • Save Money on Transport in Britain
  • Practical How-tos
  • And Much More!

What format is it in?

It’s a PDF that’s viewable on any computer. You can print it out and do as you wish with it. You can also load it onto your iPhone, iPod Touch or Blackberry and take it with you on your trip!

Are You Going to Sell My Email?

No. We will be the only people contacting you via email. You will be added to our weekly newsletter.

Can I Buy a Printed Copy?

Not at this time. If there’s enough demand we may consider a small print run. But why wait for it when you can download it right now?

Will there be more eBooks?

Yes, we plan to do lots more! This is just a start!

So, would you like to land in Britain armed with the best travel information money can buy? Then buy 101 Budget Britain Travel Tips by Anglotopia today!